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InVerse Memory App—FREE to use, no limitations!

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The InVerse memory app is a memorization tool that helps you memorize anything. Yes, anything! … anything that you can stuff into InVerse, like Bible verses, poems, lists, lyrics, and so on.

The application was inspired by the memorization techniques published in a fun little book from 1974 called The Memory Book, by Harry Lorayne the famous magician and Jerry Lucas the famous basketball player.

InVerse enables the mnemonic link system. You can split each text reference that you add to InVerse into “snippets”. To each snippet, you can add a hint. Then, you can Recall the reference, one snippet at a time, being prompted by the hints that you added to the reference.


InVerse is avaiable for MacOS, Windows, and Linux. It is known to work on the versions listed below, but may work on other versions as well. Just download InVerse and give it a whirl on your operating system ... there is no obligation to purchase.

  • MacOS: Ventura (13.x)
  • Windows: Windows 11 Home (22H2)
  • Linux: Linux Mint 21 “Vanessa”
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Click the button to download the latest version of InVerse for MacOS, Windows, or Linux. Once installed, InVerse will be fully functional. If you find InVerse to be useful, we would sincerely appreciate that you purchase it using our FastSpring storefront (below).

Donation ... You are welcome to use InVerse absolutely free of charge! However, If you really like InVerse and want to continue to support it's development, please consider making a donation. Here is what is suggested:

  • $5.00 for a single-user.
  • $50.00 for a Site, like for churches, schools, etc.

Making a donation communicates to us that you find value in InVerse and that you want developers like Sophora Services LLC to continue to make good software. Thank you!

The Inverse Workflow

To get the most out of InVerse, you will follow this simple workflow:

  1. Add a reference
  2. Edit the reference, adding breakpoints and hints
  3. Recall the reference, snippet-by-snippet, according to how the breakpoints were set, prompted by the hints that were added

Adding a Reference

A Reference can be added to InVerse in two ways:

  1. By just typing in the reference, or
  2. By copying the reference from Logos (either desktop or web app) or from the Blue Letter Bible web app, then pasting it in to the Add Ref interface with the click of a single button.

Keep in mind that you can add any text-based reference to InVerse, not just Bible verses.

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Editing the Reference

Once a Reference is added to InVerse, you can then add breakpoints to break the Reference into snippets. For each snippet, you can add a hint to aid in Recall of the Reference.

Recalling the Reference

After breakpoints and hints are added to the Reference, you can then work to commit the Reference to memory through the Recall view, navigating snippet-by-snippet.

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